Cucumber Oil’s Top 5 Relaxation Tips

Cucumber essential oil is one amazing essential oil which really mild and cool in nature and has the ability to care of skin like possibly no other essential oil. The oil has a very calming effect on the senses and does wonders if used in the right way.

The vitamin B1 and C content of cucumber oil is believed to help detoxify the skin’s pores and, consequently, helps to eliminate some related conditions, such as acne or boils. Vitamin C is also known to be an antioxidant, which helps to ward off free radicals. Premature aging of both the body and skin can result because of the damage caused by free radicals, therefore, the oil derived from the cucumber seed is thought to delay the onset of aging skin, as in wrinkles.

  1. Cucumber helps a great deal in fading the nagging dark circles around your eyes. Just rub cucumber slices on your dark circles or apply the juice of cucumber around your eyes. Wash off after 10 minutes. Your dark circles will start reducing gradually on continuous use.
  2. Grate a cucumber and squeeze it to extract the juice. Dab cucumber juice on your skin. It will take 15 minutes for cucumber juice to seep into your skin. Then wash with fresh water. Cucumber helps a great deal to whiten and brighten your skin if you use it regularly.
  3. If you are fed up with freckles on face, then use cucumber juice all over your face. Let it dry for some time .Wash off with fresh water. Cucumber juice can ease off the appearance of freckles over time after regular use.
  4. Cucumber is a boon to the sun burnt skin. You have stayed in the sun for long and got tanned badly, then apply cucumber juice over the affected area. The cooling and soothing effects of cucumber helps to cure sunburn over a short period of time.
  5. You can treat puffy eyes with cucumber easily. Just place cucumber under your eyes to reduce the water retention that causes puffiness of eyes. Cucumber is bursting with the goodness of ascorbic acid that helps in lessening the puffiness of eyes instantly.

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Cucumber Wonder Oil

In most areas of the world, cucumbers are actually considered blessed edibles with a lot many benefits. People all over the world love these for their various qualities and many benefits to the skin. The oil obtained from them is quite amazing too.

The cool and juicy cucumber (cucumis sativus) belongs in the plant family of melons and squashes called Curcubitaceae. They may be found in a variety of colors and shapes, but you probably most familiar with the long green varieties used for slicing and pickling.

Cucumbers provide health benefits from head to toe, inside and out. Nutritionally they contain -

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

If you are eating this vegetable (skins and all) you will get the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fiber. By juicing you will still consume the soluble fiber which helps nutrients get absorbed through the intestinal tract.

Cucumbers contain plant lignans which bind with bacteria in the digestive tract and convert them to enterolignans for both pro and anti-estrogenic effects. According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, “Reduced risk of estrogen-related cancers, including cancers of the breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate has been associated with intake of dietary lignans from plant foods like cucumber.”

Cucumbers are a rich source of cucurbitacins which blocks cancer cell development according to scientists and we can expect to see more research on the connections between cucumbers and anti-cancer benefits.

Cucumber is a powerful tonic for the skin, hair, and nails. Many women know the beauty trick of applying cucumber slices to the eyes for reducing puffiness. The astringent properties in cucumbers draw out dirt and cleanse the pores, making it a popular ingredient in oily skin or acne skin care.

Cucumbers also contain silica, a trace mineral which contributes to strengthening connective tissues. This results in stronger hair and nails.

You can get these benefits both by putting cucumber juice on your skin as well as by drinking it.

Because cucumbers contain mostly water they are and excellent food to help cleanse and wash away toxins. Toxins are often stored in fat cells and cause inflammation.But beyond just water content cucumbers also supply electrolytes to restore hydration of the body cells and balance the fluid levels in the body. This makes cucumber an important food to aid in weight loss and other inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

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Distinguished Fruit – Cucumber

Didn’t know cucumber was a fruit? Trust me even I didn’t! Not just saying…I mean it…And I had obvious reasons to think that way…I never ate cucumber in a custard or fruit cream or fruit salad…It was always served with other vegetables…salads…It didn’t taste sweet at all…moreover it’s ‘veggie-green’ in colour! So Why in heaven’s name would I have considered it a fruit!? Okay..I know these very reasons apply to you as well…

So…Why then this absolutely unusual fruit that stands out from the rest of its clan…is better than the rest…when it comes to benefits?

Well…What distinguishes cucumber from the rest of the fruits is its amazing seed oil…I’ll tell you why and how….Actually…Cucumber Seed Oil possesses a remarkable amount of phytosterols making it a noteworthy ingredient in personal care formulations…Studies indicate that phytosterols help the skin strengthen its lipid barrier…restoring proper moisture balance…smoothing the skin’s surface and improving skin elasticity…Phytosterols are also known for their ability to nourish and stimulate the skin cells to encourage regeneration of healthy skin cells…Cucumber seed oil contains a significant percentage of oleic acid and linoleic acid and can be effective in treating –

  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Sunburned skin

It is a good choice for inclusion in formulations for revitalizing maturing skin…Furthermore…the high tocopherol and tocotrienol content indicates that cucumber seed oil would be effective in defending skin cells from free-radical damage

Skin needing support with skin cell regeneration…Cucumber Seed Oil contains 14-20% oleic acid and about 60-68% omega 3 linoleic acid…It also has a high amount of tocopherols (Vitamin E) and phytosterols as well as skin nourishing fatty acids…Phytosterols help the skin strengthen its lipid barrier…assist in the restoration of its moisture barrier which results in smoother skin and improved skin elasticity…Cucumber Seed Oil is excellent for the treatment of dry skin like I just mentioned…

To add on to the goods it does…It helps…revitalize maturing skin…It may be effective in defending skin from free-radical damage…This particular version is cold pressed from the whole cucumber and then filtered…

This almost odourless this oil is highly prized for its nutritive…Cosmetic and numerous other medical benefits…

Not only that it is even used in cooking…drizzling over salads etc…

It is said to have restorative and age-defying effects…It has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry…Very high in vitamin C and essential fatty acids…It is believed to help all sorts of skin conditions…The ones I mentioned before….

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Simply Cucumber Oil

This fruit is just one of a kind…the every first distinguishing factor that it bears is that it is not sweet…unlike all other fruits..It is just…watery…refreshing…and light… 

To add on to your knowledge…Cucumber Fruit Water is a 100% natural distillate of the Cucumber….It can be used in a similar way to traditional floral waters…Fruit Waters have been distilled at very low temperatures…allowing natural oil to be dissolved into the water during distillation…The result is a crisp…fresh Cucumber Fruit Water…all at once

  • Cooling
  • Toning
  • Soothing 

Its positive aspects are –

  • Pore minimization
  • Smoothening your skin
  • Enriching your skin’s moisture
  • Reducing wrinkles

Also…Cucumbers are great all on their own…raw…unadulterated and cool as can be… But…when they become pickles…they are extra juicy…flavourful and delicious – and an undoubted American favourite…Though you’d never guess it by taste (unless you get those slight melon notes)…cucumber is botanically a fruit…but just like tomatoes and squash we use them as vegetables…Cucumbers have a mild…almost watery flavour and are grown to be eaten fresh (called slicers)…Those intended for pickling (called picklers) have a similar…yet smaller…appearance…At 90% water…cucumbers are mainly eaten in their unripe green form…

The best uses of this amazing fruit being….
1.As a gentle…alcohol-free facial tone…Apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe skin
2.Use a spray bottle to apply a light mist to the face and skin
3.To moisten Exfoliating Body Scrub before exfoliating
4.To moisten French Clay for facial and body mask
5.To moisten and tone the skin before applying Facial Treatment
6.Fill a mister and use as a wonderful all natural Room Freshener
7.Apply to cotton pads and gently rest on closed eyes

Since cucumbers are mostly water…they are deeply hydrating and can add to your very important daily water intake…In addition to H2O…the flesh contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid…both of which help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling…This fruit is widely used in the beauty industry…Two slices upon tired puffy eyes provide the perfect boon when needed and the shiny skin has high amounts of silicone believed to encourage healthy skin…nails and hair growth when eaten…Mashed cucumber can also treat burns…swollen feet…acne and those wrinkles you’re not too fond of…Cucumber’s hard skin is also rich in fibre and contains a variety of beneficial minerals…

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Coolest Doctor – Cucumber Oil

I am sure this side of the story must not be in view of most of you…That apart from being an excessively watery fruit…with innumerable skin and hair benefits…This fruit has quality of acting as a therapeutic relief too..

 Rarely you must have heard this but that does not make its extensive use any less…Cucumber is widely used in medicine for their emollient qualities…soothing and refreshing and above all alkalizing…Cucumber is good in hot weather…especially in summer…thanks to its large water content…good for the thirst and bowel action…cool the blood and has a purifying effect on the intestines…They are also highly recommended when there is a tendency to necrosis…and in all cases where it is necessary to neutralize the excessive acidity…as in

  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis

Because of its laxative properties it is recommended in constipation…pear will have to chew…Cucumber salad with lemon juice and olive oil before meals is a good remedy for stomach pains and dyspepsia…Juice is also good for inflammation of the digestive tract and bladder…Also of great importance to the secretions and magnificent in febrile states…also for blood…brain and nerves…

The flesh of cucumbers marinated in alcohol and then distilled the “essence of cucumber” used to prepare an ointment used in external applications for freshness and softness to dry skin…Also this ointment can be prepared with only juice in which case it will act also as a coolant…The juice is excellent in skin rashes…inflammation etc…For it will be used in lotions or washes…

Not only that internally…Clears the body of toxin…cleanses and purifies the blood…Very helpful in de-toxifying the body for any conditions of toxicity…Benefits and strengthens the heart…Strengthens the Spleen-pancreas organ combo…Moistens and cleanses the Large Intestine…It also kills tapeworms…Moistens the Lungs for lung dryness for those who live in or are travelling in hot or dry climates…

A pack of grated cucumber placed on the skin brings healing to the cells and tissues of the face…The juice of cucumber will accelerate the healing of burns and wounds…Aids digestion…especially when in pickle form…Aids specifically in the digestion of meat…Clears heat from the body…Alleviates fevers and summer heat…prevents heat stroke…Benefits the kidneys and bladder…Treats kidney and bladder infections…Benefits the eyes….If placed over the eyes it relieves the problems of eyes be it…

  • Hot
  • Inflamed
  • Swollen
  • Dry

Benefits any inflammatory condition due to heat in the body such as inflammation and burning of the stomach

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Sore throat
  • Acne
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Discharges or oozing sores or wounds

And undoubtedly this coolest doctor…Calms the mind…lifting depression…

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Cucumber Essential Oil For All Woes

You know this Cucumber is just one such fruit which no matter topically applied or consumed…does the same amount and kind of benefit…

Cucumber (formally called Cucumis Sativus) extract is widely known for its astringent and soothing effects….on top of its anti-inflammatory actions and skin tightening properties….The ones who use it regularly experience tightness when the juice dries on my face …And whenever it’s about the use and the visible effects of the fruit…one got to keep a little patience…Because this fruit is like one of those slow helpers who would accomplish each and every task you expect out of them but just taking a little time and expecting you to be patient and understanding….

Okay…One quick handy tip…Apply some juice on my dry face…leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off…See the instant glow (Yeah I know it is contrasting to what I just mentioned in the previous paragraph but this too is true…) on the skin of your face…

Cucumbers are categorized mainly as –

  • Slicing
  • Pickling
  • Exotics

It’s simply within these categories…that you’ll find varieties requiring lots of space/trellises…or dwarf varieties for small spaces or containers….Many of the slicing and exotic cucumbers have thin smooth skin that does not need removed before eating…Cucumbers in the market though…generally have a thicker waxier skin helping with transport…While you can pickle any small cucumber…pickling varieties are smaller and crunchier than slicing varieties…

When it comes to growing slicing cucumbers…The best enjoyed is ‘Sweet Success’ hybrid…Each vine produces straight…thin fruit two to three inches in diameter and 12 or more inches long…The dark skin is spineless and the flesh seedless…This 1983 All-American Selections winner produces many burp less cucumbers throughout the season and is disease resistant….The fruit is set without pollination so may be grown in a greenhouse…Because this vine is so vigorous…support is recommended….Amazing no?

Cucumbers are an ancient fruit reported to originate in India nearly 3000 years ago…Indian food was spicy 3000 years ago…but if it was…I’m sure the cucumber was a popular compliment to that heat…Spicy heat isn’t the only heat that cucumbers combat…Hot days are prime for the cucumber to take centre stage….

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Oil Of King Cucumber

You know why I addressed cucumber as a king? Because the oil of this king is prolific…It take cares of almost every external or internal human ill…Just like a king would do for his kingdom…

Okay…Lame philosophy aside…Let’s talk about cucumber oil…

The cucumber is believed to be native to India…and evidence indicates that it has been cultivated in Western Asia for 3000 years…From India…it spread to

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • China

And was then introduced into other parts of-

  • Europe
  • England
  • France
  • North America

The cucumber is the edible fruit of the cucumber plant Cucumis sativus…which belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae

The cucumber plant is an annual climber which grows to a height of 15-30 cm and has large leaves that form a canopy over the fruit…The vine is grown on the ground or on trellises…often in greenhouses…

It requires a rich…well-drained moisture retentive soil and a warm very sunny position…The seeds are sown early to mid spring in rich soil…Germination takes place within 2 weeks…

It is in flower from July to September…and the seeds ripen from August to October…The flowers are monoecious (Meaning…individual flowers are either male or female…but both sexes can be found on the same plant)…The plant is self-fertile…

The plant prefers acid…neutral and basic (in other words…alkaline) soils…It cannot grow in the shade and requires moist soil…

The male flowers should be removed in order to prevent fertilization…since the fertilized fruits have a bitter taste…

The roots of cucumber plants secrete a substance that inhibits the growth of most weeds…Cucumbers make good companion plants for sweet corn…beans and sunflowers…but they dislike growing with potatoes and aromatic herbs…

A few varieties of cucumber are parthenocarpic…the blossoms creating seedless fruit without pollination…Thousands of hives of bees are annually carried to cucumber fields just before bloom for this purpose…Cucumbers may also be pollinated by flies…

The edible parts are fruits…seeds and leaves…

Cucumbers grown for pickling and those grown for fresh market are the same species….Fruit of fresh market cucumbers are longer…smooth rather than bumpy…have a more uniform green skin colour and a tougher…glossier skin than fruit of picklers…

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Beauty’s Transparent Seal – Cucumber Oil

You know…it’s never about getting that flawless beautiful skin…But it is always about sealing that beauty so that it stays with you…forever… 

Everything you know…can only help you attain that beauty but nothing guarantees to make that beautiful skin stick to you forever…

One thing does…The absolute nature’s beauty pet…Cucumber essential oil… 

Usually…The essential oils are very highly concentrated and cannot be used directly on the skin…The essential oils are hence diluted with base or carrier oil so that they can be massaged or rubbed into the skin in the correct proportion…But this essential oil need not be diluted at all…Because it is itself so mild that it’ll handle the skin like it is of a baby’s…

 It’s formally known as…Cucumis sativus…Originated in India….As far as the extraction is concerened…It is obtained by cold pressing…the seed of cucumber…It’s a straw coloured liquid…and contains lost and lots of minerals…

Don’t be surprised…But Cucumber oil is used in various cosmetic application for its cooling…nutritive and soothing properties…and plays a function in- 

  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Nail cream

 Cucumber is a fruit with a wide range of advantages….Yes it is a fruit..opposed to your stereotype of it being a vegetable…Cucumbers have advantages on physical application as well as consumption…Cucumbers are rich in fibre…water…and many other elements like magnesium…manganese…potassium etc…making it ideal for consumption… Cucumber acts as a brilliant natural cleanser…Applying cucumber juice on your face has many advantages…it cleans your skin from within by acting as a deep pore cleanser…hence bringing out a radiant glow in your face…It has many other similar properties that can help you enhance your beauty…so read on to find out what effects does cucumber have on our skin…

 Cucumber is very effective in curing various skin problems…such as…rashes…sunburns and inflammation…For reducing rashes or any other typical skin problem…prepare thin slices of a cucumber and place them on the affected area…It helps in soothing the inflammation and cooling down the area…hence making you feel better in no time….

Cucumber works miraculously on your skin…and keeps pimples and blackheads away…Cucumber also helps in restoring the softness and smoothness of your skin…Apply cucumber juice on your face and allow it to dry…wash off within a few minutes…It’ll make your skin smooth and soft like never before….

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Say Hello To The King – Cucumber

Okay people! This time I am introducing you to something that is undoubtedly the undisputed champion of goods…The oil which used no matter in any form…and anywhere on the human body…Will only do GOOD! And nothing else…

Mild in nature…Cooling in nurture…This amazing vegetable and favourite of all is none other than cucumber…

Remember the days in childhood…when after long hours of outdoor playing…you were served with chilled tang and snacks…which primarily included nicely cute pieces of watery and cool cucumber with some salt for taste?

Well…I can’t be sure about you…But I was surely served with it…Then be it any party or get-together…Cucumber ruled the salad corner…Also when it used to be a weekend or call it mom’s beauty-care-day…And you have seen her using ample of cucumber in her face-packs…which were of the most ugly of colours like olive green…blue and even an outrageous orange! Phew! And they were all teamed with two round slices of cucumber on eyes…And made mom look like a multicoloured ghost or a marinated chicken!

Hmm…Yeah…I think I have reminded you of cucumber to a great extent…

I’ll give you a complete account of this amazing thing….Okay…to start…you know…The cucumber is believed to be native to India…and evidence indicates that it has been cultivated in Western Asia for 3,000 years…The cucumber is also listed among the foods of ancient Ur and the legend of Gilgamesh describes people eating cucumbers…Some sources also state that it was produced in ancient Thrace…and it is certainly part of modern cuisine in Bulgaria and Turkey…parts of which make up that ancient state…From India…it spread to Greece and Italy…where the Romans were especially fond of the crop…and later into China…

I am so sure…more than half of you mustn’t be aware of this that cucumber…the basic one we see…eat or know is not the only type present on earth!

Yes ladies and gentlemen….There are MANY cucumber types…I’ll name a few…

  • Picklers
  • Slicers
  • Gherkins
  • White
  • Bush cukes

Surprised? Better be…Frankly…Even I hadn’t heard of all of them…Well…Now you know…

Hmm…And as easy as it might seem…The art of pickling and preserving cucumbers is not all that of a child’s play…And in fact is centuries old…

The best part is that deliciously watery vegetable…You can pickle or preserve any small cucumber…or eat picklers fresh right off the vine…Isn’t that amazing?

Okay so…take my word and start experimenting with different varieties…regardless of how you intend to use them…Okay just to make you aware…in general…picklers are-

  • Smallish
  • Often warty
  • Green

And they are used for small sweet pickles or large dills…but the can also be eaten fresh…Okay my mouth is seriously watering while writing this! Phew! Concentrate! Yeah! Slicers form 5- to 8-inch cylindrical cucumbers…used for slicing and serving fresh…Cucumbers grow best with long…hot…humid days with maximum sunshine and warm nights…Plants are extremely susceptible to frost….

Hmm…Now some handy information…I mean handy nutritional information…Cucumbers are mostly (96 percent) water….Their dietary fibre is unique in that it can hold up to 30 times its weight in water compared to the fibre in wheat bran…which holds only four to six times its weight in water…But cucumbers have so much water that there is little room for anything else…Two ounces of fresh cucumber slices has less than 1 g dietary fibre—and no significant amounts of vitamins or minerals…So won’t you too call it the king?

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