Nitty Gritty Of Anti-Tan Oil – Cucumber

Things you might not know in detail about cucumber oil.

Hmmm…You know this vegetable that most people take lightly…Its Seeds’ Oil contains a high amount of Linoleic…or call it…Omega 6…Fatty Acid! Cucumber Oil also contains notable amounts of Oleic and Palmitic Fatty Acids…All that which obese people and ones with high-cholestrol and generally unhealthy people keep searching for in foods (And I know the one needed for heart problems is Omega 3…Don’t take me for an unaware dunderhead)

Hmm…Are you aware as to how the oil is obtained from such tiny seeds of cucumber? Well…Cold Pressed Cucumber Seed Oil allows formulators to enhance shelf stable products with some of the more surprising benefits of the cucumber plant…This light…highly moisturizing oil can be used in a wide range of applications including –

  • Soap making
  • Masks
  • Facials
  • Body and massage oils
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Serum

So you understand the reach of this ‘meagre’ fruit that you….very conveniently chose to ignore every time it was served on the table…?

If…just right now…I choose to put forth just ‘some’ of the qualities of cucumber or cucumber oil…they’ll include…

  • Cucumber essential oil when combined with a carrier oil such as olive oil is perfect for moisturizing the skin and for deep skin cleansing
  • Cucumber essential oil has cooling effects and can treat skin problems effectively such as acne…blackheads…boils…eruptions…and eye puffiness
  • Detoxifies the skin due to its proteolytic enzymes…vitamin B1…and C content
  • You can also take cucumber essential oil recipe every day for a radiant skin such as eating it in its raw form or as a main ingredient in salads
  • Hydrates and moisturize facial skin due to its high water and vitamin C content
  • Relieves stress when used for body massage
  • It offers cooling effect during hot weather when applied on temples of the face and side nodes
  • Moisturizing soap
  • Used in Spa
  • Massage oil
  • Facial masks
  • Skin nourishing creams
  • Combine a few drops of cucumber essential oil and lavender oil to sandal wood paste…Mix well then apply on your face for 20 minutes
  • Mix cucumber essential oil with a few drops of olive oil and use it as a body massage
  • There are several ways on how to make cucumber oil but the most effective way of benefiting from its essential nutrients is by taking them in raw form

Also…Most people have doubts regarding cucumber being a fruit or vegetable….A member of the melon family…cucumber is botanically a fruit…We think of it as a vegetable because we eat it with salads and never as a dessert…

Hmm…Liked its ‘some’ qualities?

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Simply Cucumber Oil

This fruit is just one of a kind…the every first distinguishing factor that it bears is that it is not sweet…unlike all other fruits..It is just…watery…refreshing…and light… 

To add on to your knowledge…Cucumber Fruit Water is a 100% natural distillate of the Cucumber….It can be used in a similar way to traditional floral waters…Fruit Waters have been distilled at very low temperatures…allowing natural oil to be dissolved into the water during distillation…The result is a crisp…fresh Cucumber Fruit Water…all at once

  • Cooling
  • Toning
  • Soothing 

Its positive aspects are –

  • Pore minimization
  • Smoothening your skin
  • Enriching your skin’s moisture
  • Reducing wrinkles

Also…Cucumbers are great all on their own…raw…unadulterated and cool as can be… But…when they become pickles…they are extra juicy…flavourful and delicious – and an undoubted American favourite…Though you’d never guess it by taste (unless you get those slight melon notes)…cucumber is botanically a fruit…but just like tomatoes and squash we use them as vegetables…Cucumbers have a mild…almost watery flavour and are grown to be eaten fresh (called slicers)…Those intended for pickling (called picklers) have a similar…yet smaller…appearance…At 90% water…cucumbers are mainly eaten in their unripe green form…

The best uses of this amazing fruit being….
1.As a gentle…alcohol-free facial tone…Apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe skin
2.Use a spray bottle to apply a light mist to the face and skin
3.To moisten Exfoliating Body Scrub before exfoliating
4.To moisten French Clay for facial and body mask
5.To moisten and tone the skin before applying Facial Treatment
6.Fill a mister and use as a wonderful all natural Room Freshener
7.Apply to cotton pads and gently rest on closed eyes

Since cucumbers are mostly water…they are deeply hydrating and can add to your very important daily water intake…In addition to H2O…the flesh contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid…both of which help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling…This fruit is widely used in the beauty industry…Two slices upon tired puffy eyes provide the perfect boon when needed and the shiny skin has high amounts of silicone believed to encourage healthy skin…nails and hair growth when eaten…Mashed cucumber can also treat burns…swollen feet…acne and those wrinkles you’re not too fond of…Cucumber’s hard skin is also rich in fibre and contains a variety of beneficial minerals…

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