The Very Many Benefits Of Cucumber Oil

The cucumber…formally or technically called…Cucumis Sativus…belongs to the cucurbitaceae family of fruits…Yes…fruits…just because you don’t eat it in a fruit salad doesn’t mean it is not a fruit…Hmm…Yeah so I was saying…it belongs to the fruit family…which also includes –

  • Melons
  • Squashes
  • Gourds

Cucumber oil…however…is extracted from the seeds…as opposed to the fruit itself…The oil extracted from the cucumber seed is known to be rich in a variety of nutrients…which are believed to be highly effective in helping to maintain healthy skin….As such…cucumber oil is believed to be beneficial for treating some dry skin conditions…such as –

  • Acne
  • Boils
  • Helping the skin to retain moisture

The seeds from the cucumber plant contain a significant amount of oil and can…therefore…be cold-pressed…This form of extraction requires that minimal heat is used in the process…and the resulting oil retains a high percentage of beneficial nutrients…After extraction…the cucumber oil is filtered and the this process typically produces a clear…golden-yellow oil…

Cucumber is a great folk medicine used to reduce heat and inflammation…It can be eaten raw…pickled or in cooking…This cool fruit is popular among women who use it to treat tired eyes…

Benefits of Cucumber

  • Cucumber is used for skin problems because of its diuretic…cooling and cleansing properties…
  • Cucumber is useful in healing a range of illnesses including lung…stomach and chest problems…gout…arthritis and tapeworm….
  • To reduce heartburn or soothe an acid stomach…drink fresh cucumber juice…It also works wonders for patients of gastritis or ulcers…
  • To reduce puffiness and soothe the eyes…place a cucumber slice over closed eyes…
  • Regular intake of cucumber juice can help control eczema…arthritis and gout…

Okay…I’ll tell you some handy tips for storing them as well…

  • Keep cucumbers cool or they will become soggy…Keep them refrigerated or away from direct sunlight…
  • Cut off the ends and peel the skin to get rid of the bitterness…
  • Avoid pickled cucumbers…These lack nutrient content and are high in sodium…Eat in moderation to avoid getting sick…

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The Cool And Chill Oil – Cucumber

Must have heard a lot about cucumber…or Cucumis Sativus…it belongs to the cucurbitaceous family of fruit…which also includes

  • Melons
  • Squashes
  • Gourds

Cucumber oil…however…is extracted from the seed…as opposed to the fruit itself….The oil extracted from the cucumber seed is known to be rich in a variety of nutrients…which are believed to be highly effective in helping to maintain healthy skin…As such…cucumber oil is believed to be beneficial for treating some dry skin conditions…

  • Acne
  • Boils
  • Helping the skin to retain moisture

Cucumber juice works as a great skin cleanser…Application of cucumber juice mixed with raw milk is one of the most popular natural home remedies to clear skin…

Combination of cucumber juice and honey helps tone the skin and improves complexion…Mixture of cucumber juice and tomato juice applied on skin for about five minutes reduces sunburn…Not only topical application….Consumption of cucumbers heals skin blemishes too…

The vitamin B1 and C content of cucumber oil is believed to help detoxify the skin’s pores and…consequently…helps to eliminate some related conditions…such as acne or boils…Vitamin C is also known to be an antioxidant…which helps to ward off free radicals…Premature aging of both the body and skin can result because of the damage caused by free radicals…therefore…the oil derived from the cucumber seed is thought to delay the onset of aging skin…as in wrinkles…

The cucumber also reduces dark spots under the arms also…Using coconut oil 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 tsp turmeric powder and half tsp. After taking a shower…Wipe the body clean…Use moistened cotton wool…coconut oil…wipe the area under the arms in a circle…After that…water…cucumber…lime juice and turmeric powder together…Apply under the left armpit…about 20 minutes…then rinse and wipe dry…Try 2-3 times a week or more arms are white…

Cucumber also used to eat…Is beneficial to the body then…Can also be adapted to benefit the skin with the cucumber water is a component of 96 percent to qualify to add moisture…In addition…vitamin C…calcium…silica and potassium Potassium…However…all of which makes the skin healthy…This is a formula to bring cucumber skin to leave…

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Cucumber Oil At Its Best

Cucumber oil is the coolest and the mildest essential oil that is really very good at dealing with various kinds of skin problems. The oil deals with various skin infections and cleans the skin in a far better fashion than most of chemical based skin products.

The tocopherols and phytopherols in this oil are believed to help restore the skin’s moisture levels and help maintain proper balance. In addition, these compounds are thought to encourage the process of skin regeneration and, therefore, can lead to the accelerated healing of blemishes, pimples, and boils.

The omega-6 fatty acids, also known as linoleic acid, in the oil are also effective for treating dry skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. Since these acids also have anti-inflammatory properties, when applied topically, cucumber oil can help reduce the inflammation caused by those skin ailments and others.

It is believed that cucumber helps in reducing swelling around the eyes or the big dark circles under your eyes. This is world-wide treatment which is being used to its maximum extent.

Cucumbers are the most wonderful and natural eye pads you can find for yourself. The puffiness and the tiredness in your eyes may just leave you, if you do this in a relaxed fashion. These natural eye pads do wonders after a long days work.

If you want a happy skin, then cucumber is the answer. As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time.

With so many useful ingredients in cucumber it can help you in treating so many skin problems. It has become part of daily beauty product into -

  • Face packs
  • Facials
  • Juice

And many other things which can affect your skin.

Due to its cooling effect it can be termed as a magic wand for all your skin problems. The cleaning and cleansing property helps your skin tremendously making it soft and supple.

The regular intake of cucumber juice is very useful both internally and externally.

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