Cucumber Oil – Healing Benefits

Cucumber is good in hot weather…especially in summer…thanks to its large water content…good for the thirst and bowel action…cool the blood and has a purifying effect on the intestines…They are also highly recommended when there is a tendency to necrosis…and in all cases where it is necessary to neutralize the excessive acidity…as in

  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis

Because of its laxative properties it is recommended in constipation…pear will have to chew…Cucumber salad with lemon juice and olive oil before meals is a good remedy for stomach pains and dyspepsia…Juice is also good for inflammation of the digestive tract and bladder…Also of great importance to the secretions and magnificent in febrile states…also for blood…brain and nerves…

The flesh of cucumbers marinated in alcohol and then distilled the “essence of cucumber” used to prepare an ointment used in external applications for freshness and softness to dry skin…Also this ointment can be prepared with only juice in which case it will act also as a coolant…The juice is excellent in skin rashes…inflammation etc…For it will be used in lotions or washes…

Not only that internally…Clears the body of toxin…cleanses and purifies the blood…Very helpful in de-toxifying the body for any conditions of toxicity…Benefits and strengthens the heart…Strengthens the Spleen-pancreas organ combo…Moistens and cleanses the Large Intestine…It also kills tapeworms…Moistens the Lungs for lung dryness for those who live in or are travelling in hot or dry climates…

A pack of grated cucumber placed on the skin brings healing to the cells and tissues of the face…The juice of cucumber will accelerate the healing of burns and wounds…Aids digestion…especially when in pickle form…Aids specifically in the digestion of meat…Clears heat from the body…Alleviates fevers and summer heat…prevents heat stroke…Benefits the kidneys and bladder…Treats kidney and bladder infections…Benefits the eyes….If placed over the eyes it relieves the problems of eyes be it…

  • Hot
  • Inflamed
  • Swollen
  • Dry

Benefits any inflammatory condition due to heat in the body such as inflammation and burning of the stomach

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Sore throat
  • Acne
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Discharges or oozing sores or wounds

And undoubtedly this coolest doctor…Calms the mind…lifting depression…

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Natural Coolers – Cucumbers

Exposure to the sun causes our skin to tan and reflective surfaces such as swimming pools may aggravate the effect of the sunrays on the skin…Your skin will return to its normal color once the tan has worn out…Summers are especially harsh on the skin…as the sun’s rays are at their most intense during this time…Fair skinned individuals are more prone to tanning than those with darker skin

The most important step towards protecting your skin from tanning is to apply sunscreen…It is important that you apply the sunscreen thickly all over your skin in order to get maximum protection….A sun protection factor or SPF of a minimum of 15 is recommended….You also need to wait for about half an hour after applying the sunscreen in order to allow it get absorbed by the skin….Water resistant sun block would work best for you….Agreed? Now what natural? I mean Keep treating your skin with chemicals…how about…for just once…give it some natural dose?

I’ll explain in formal language…Be attentive…Hmm…Skin problems…like tanning happens when your skin produces a pigment…called melanin…in excess…Usually…when your skin is exposed to sunlight…melanin is produced in the skin to protect itself from the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun….Since melanin determines the color of the skin…an excess of it will darken your skin color and will give a tanned look…

As a matter of fact….Suntan…once acquired…may not be easy to get rid of…But no need to get horrified…However…here are a few tips that you can follow to lighten…if not remove completely…the skin tan…

Cucumber Essential Oil to rescue….Cold pressed from cucumber seeds…this oil contains 60% omega 3 linoleic acid making it an excellent choice for use in moisturizing formulations for skin and hair

Cucumber seed oil is easily-absorbed…refreshing…and has a light cucumber scent…

I’ll tell you what you exactly need to do… Apply cucumber juice on your face to improve your skin tone…You can also rub freshly cut slices of cucumber on your skin…

Cucumber works as a bleaching agent and rubbing the juice of a cucumber on your skin will provide you with quick results

The oil is extracted from the whole cucumber fruit by cold pressing and filtering to retain high levels of natural tocopherols and phytosterols…In addition…the oil is enhanced with a fresh cucumber fragrance…

The reason it is the most refreshing treat for our skin… The oil contains four main natural tocopherols…phytosterols and a variety of minerals including potassium…It is high in both oleic acid (14-20%) and linoleic acid (60-68%)…making it an suitable for moisturizing formulations…

Phytosterols help the skin to strengthen its lipid barrier…restoring moisture balance and smoothing the skin surface while improving its elasticity…Phytosterols are also known for their ability to nourish and stimulate skin cells to encourage regeneration…

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Cucumber Essential Oil’s Advantages

Cucumbers are themselves so full of advantages, be it consuming them or simply applying their juice topically. The oil that is obatined from cucumbers is very cool and calming in nature. It has an amzing effect on the skin, if used regukarly and is even known to remove the sun tan from skin.

The cucumber, or Cucumis Sativus, belongs to the cucurbitaceae family of fruits, which also includes melons, squashes, and gourds. Cucumber oil, however, is extracted from the seeds, as opposed to the fruit itself. The oil extracted from the cucumber seed is known to be rich in a variety of nutrients, which are believed to be highly effective in helping to maintain healthy skin. As such, cucumber oil is believed to be beneficial for treating some dry skin conditions, acne, boils, and for helping the skin to retain moisture.

The seeds from the cucumber plant contain a significant amount of oil and can, therefore, be cold-pressed. This form of extraction requires that minimal heat is used in the process, and the resulting oil retains a high percentage of beneficial nutrients. After extraction, the cucumber oil is filtered and the this process typically produces a clear, golden-yellow oil.

The oil itself is rich in linoleic, or omega-6, fatty acids, as well as vitamins B1 and C, tocopherols, and phytopherols. These nutrients, both collectively and individually, are believed to be effective for -

  • Detoxifying the skin
  • Retaining moisture
  • Preventing aging
  • Deep cleansing pores

As a result, many cosmetics companies use cucumber oil in a range of products, including soaps, cleaning lotions, toning solutions, and moisturizers.

The tocopherols and phytopherols in this oil are believed to help restore the skin’s moisture levels and help maintain proper balance. In addition, these compounds are thought to encourage the process of skin regeneration and, therefore, can lead to the accelerated healing of blemishes, pimples, and boils. The omega-6 fatty acids, also known as linoleic acid, in the oil are also effective for treating dry skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. Since these acids also have anti-inflammatory properties, when applied topically, cucumber oil can help reduce the inflammation caused by those skin ailments and others.

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Cucumber Oil At Its Best

Cucumber oil is the coolest and the mildest essential oil that is really very good at dealing with various kinds of skin problems. The oil deals with various skin infections and cleans the skin in a far better fashion than most of chemical based skin products.

The tocopherols and phytopherols in this oil are believed to help restore the skin’s moisture levels and help maintain proper balance. In addition, these compounds are thought to encourage the process of skin regeneration and, therefore, can lead to the accelerated healing of blemishes, pimples, and boils.

The omega-6 fatty acids, also known as linoleic acid, in the oil are also effective for treating dry skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. Since these acids also have anti-inflammatory properties, when applied topically, cucumber oil can help reduce the inflammation caused by those skin ailments and others.

It is believed that cucumber helps in reducing swelling around the eyes or the big dark circles under your eyes. This is world-wide treatment which is being used to its maximum extent.

Cucumbers are the most wonderful and natural eye pads you can find for yourself. The puffiness and the tiredness in your eyes may just leave you, if you do this in a relaxed fashion. These natural eye pads do wonders after a long days work.

If you want a happy skin, then cucumber is the answer. As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time.

With so many useful ingredients in cucumber it can help you in treating so many skin problems. It has become part of daily beauty product into -

  • Face packs
  • Facials
  • Juice

And many other things which can affect your skin.

Due to its cooling effect it can be termed as a magic wand for all your skin problems. The cleaning and cleansing property helps your skin tremendously making it soft and supple.

The regular intake of cucumber juice is very useful both internally and externally.

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Oil Of King Cucumber

You know why I addressed cucumber as a king? Because the oil of this king is prolific…It take cares of almost every external or internal human ill…Just like a king would do for his kingdom…

Okay…Lame philosophy aside…Let’s talk about cucumber oil…

The cucumber is believed to be native to India…and evidence indicates that it has been cultivated in Western Asia for 3000 years…From India…it spread to

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • China

And was then introduced into other parts of-

  • Europe
  • England
  • France
  • North America

The cucumber is the edible fruit of the cucumber plant Cucumis sativus…which belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae

The cucumber plant is an annual climber which grows to a height of 15-30 cm and has large leaves that form a canopy over the fruit…The vine is grown on the ground or on trellises…often in greenhouses…

It requires a rich…well-drained moisture retentive soil and a warm very sunny position…The seeds are sown early to mid spring in rich soil…Germination takes place within 2 weeks…

It is in flower from July to September…and the seeds ripen from August to October…The flowers are monoecious (Meaning…individual flowers are either male or female…but both sexes can be found on the same plant)…The plant is self-fertile…

The plant prefers acid…neutral and basic (in other words…alkaline) soils…It cannot grow in the shade and requires moist soil…

The male flowers should be removed in order to prevent fertilization…since the fertilized fruits have a bitter taste…

The roots of cucumber plants secrete a substance that inhibits the growth of most weeds…Cucumbers make good companion plants for sweet corn…beans and sunflowers…but they dislike growing with potatoes and aromatic herbs…

A few varieties of cucumber are parthenocarpic…the blossoms creating seedless fruit without pollination…Thousands of hives of bees are annually carried to cucumber fields just before bloom for this purpose…Cucumbers may also be pollinated by flies…

The edible parts are fruits…seeds and leaves…

Cucumbers grown for pickling and those grown for fresh market are the same species….Fruit of fresh market cucumbers are longer…smooth rather than bumpy…have a more uniform green skin colour and a tougher…glossier skin than fruit of picklers…

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Cucumber Oil – The Liquid From The Skies

I call it a liquid from the skies…Because it aptly deserves being called so…Reason?

Read on to find it yourself…

Cucumbers have many healthy benefits for your body on the inside and out….Because they are mostly water…cucumbers aid in digestion and keep your skin hydrated….Well hydrated skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives it a healthy glow…Speaking of skin…keep the skins on the cucumbers…They contain fiber…which also benefits your digestive system….In addition to water and fiber…cucumbers also contain Vitamin C which is good for reducing skin irritations and swelling…If you are concerned with high blood pressure…take advantage of the healthy benefits of cucumbers…Cucumbers contain potassium and magnesium…and both have been shown to help lower blood pressure…

Actually…There are two primary ways to reap the healthy benefits of cucumbers…As a topical treatment…women for years have been using cucumber slices to reduce the puffiness and dark circles under their eyes…And as a dietary ingredient…cucumbers can be used in a number of ways…The easiest meal to prepare with cucumbers is a salad…like my cucumber tomato salad. This salad not only allows you to enjoy the healthy benefits of cucumbers…but it also contains olive oil and whole wheat bread…both high in nutrition….

But…precisely…why it is better than any other sweet fruit is…Cucumber Seed Oil contains about 14-20% oleic acid and 60-68% omega-3 linoleic acid…These oils make cucumber oil an ingredient of choice for moisturizing skin and hair…A high content of natural Vitamin E and phytosterols further enhance their protective and nutritive benefits and may help protect skin from free radicals associated with aging and increase stability and shelf life….

And in fact it is mainly due to the high amount of phytosterols which helps the skin strengthen its lipid barrier…restore proper moisture balance…smooth the skin’s surface and improve skin elasticity…Phytosterols also nourish and stimulate skin cells to regenerate…The significant percentage of oleic and linoleic acids can be effective at treating dry skin conditions such as

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Sunburned skin

Cucumber Seed Oil is excellent for revitalizing mature or damaged skin…

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