Cucumber Oil’s Cooling Magic

Cucumber oil is known mainly for its amazing cooling effect. The oil actually caresses the senses and loosens the strained muscles. It is the best resort for tired eyes, it does wonders. The other things that actually nurtures under its aegis is skin.

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus and belong to the same botanical family as melons (including watermelon and cantaloupe) and squashes (including summer squash, winter squash, zucchini and pumpkin). Commercial production of cucumbers is usually divided into two types. “Slicing cucumbers” are produced for fresh consumption. “Pickling cucumbers” are produced for eventual processing into pickles. Slicing cucumbers are usually larger and have thicker skins, while pickling cucumbers are usually smaller and have thinner skins.

Researchers have long been familiar with the presence of unique polyphenols in plants called lignans, and these health-benefiting substances have been studied extensively in cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli or cabbage) and allium vegetables (like onion or garlic). Recent studies, however, have begun to pay more attention to the lignan content of other vegetables, including cucumbers. Cucumbers are now known to contain -

  • Lariciresinol
  • Pinoresinol
  • Secoisolariciresinol

Three lignans that have a strong history of research in connection with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as several cancer types, including breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

Fresh extracts from cucumbers have recently been show to have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. While research in this area must still be considered preliminary—since it’s only been conducted on animals in a lab setting—the findings are clear and consistent.

As a member of the Cucurbitaceae family of plants, cucumbers are a rich source of triterpene phytonutrients called cucurbitacins. Cucurbitacins A, B, C, D and E are all contained in fresh cucumber. They have been the subject of active and ongoing research to determine the extent and nature of their anti-cancer properties. Scientists have already determined that several different signaling pathways (for example, the JAK-STAT and MAPK pathways) required for cancer cell development and survival can be blocked by activity of cucurbitacins. We expect to see human studies that confirm the anti-cancer benefits of cucumbers in the everyday diet.

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Cucumber Amazing Oil

Cucumber oil is counted among those rare oils that do more good to the humans and actually, no amount of bad…Cucumber is just that amazing oil which whenever brought in use, pleases you with the kinds of benefits it does…

Cucumber essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its cooling and moisturizing properties. The oil is extracted from cucumber seeds and has a fresh, light scent. Cucumber oil can be utilized as a facial moisturizer, cleanser or stress reliever when massaged on the body. It cools the body when dabbed on the temples, reduces eye puffiness and can be eaten on salads to promote skin health
Cucumbers have a long history of use as an astringent to tighten the pores, cool sunburn and soothe acne, according to Barbara Anne Cohen, an assistant curator of meteorites at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Cohen compiles information about cucumbers and their uses on a webpage. When placed over the eyes, chilled cucumber slices reduce swelling and puffiness. Cucumbers are used in facial cleansers, moisturizers and masks. Most preparations combine cucumbers with another astringent, such as rose water or lemon juice, but cucumbers and cucumber puree can be used alone.

Cucumber oil is extracted from cucumber seeds through cold-pressed extraction. This process yields less oil than methods using heat, but heat can degrade the oil’s properties, according to Cucumber oil has emollient properties and is used in soap, masks, facials, body and massage oils, creams and lotions, and hair products. The oleic and linoleic acids in cucumber oil can be effective at treating dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and sunburned skin. Cucumber oil also revitalizes dry or damaged skin.

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Best Human Care-Taker – Cucumber Oil

Cucumber oil is just one of its kind…Reason that makes it so distinct is its ability to take care of every human ill…be it related to skin…to hair…or anything…

And as a matter of fact…The real goodness in cucumber is actually located in its seeds…which contain very beneficial oil…Cucumber Seed Oil is extracted from the cucumber via a steaming process that takes place once the cucumber seeds have been dried out…The yellow oil is then filtered…producing a gorgeous cucumber scent…

This is down to it being a natural anti-inflammatory…meaning that it will soothe and heal my skin…without being harsh to an area that needs to be treated nicely…It will also work at helping to eradicate dark circles…Isn’t that amazing?

Hmm…So…we all know that cucumbers are good for our eyes… However…did you know that cucumbers are also brilliant for the skin too? As gradually the secrets of cucumber unfold..This amazing fruit has the ability to make every breathing soul…its absolute fan!

Cucumber Seed Oil is a natural source of Vitamin C (Formally called…Ascorbic Acid)…which our skin needs to help prevent the signs of aging…Alongside silica and a huge amount of phytosterols…cucumbers encourage elasticity…radiance and just make our skin look fabulous and keep us looking young…keeping away dark spots and wrinkles as much as it can…
Cucumber Seed Oil can also combat a wide variety of skin issues including dry skin…eczema…acne (including spots and blackheads)…sunburn and dermatitis…

Cucumber Oil isn’t a miracle worker…but it can still help to minimize age spots and blotches that can put a dent on your confidence
Pimples and blackheads are kept at bay by the cucumber seed oil…whilst at the same time ensuring that your skin does not dry up…And dark under eye circles are proclaimed to be eradicated…

Cucumber Seed Oil is also great at building elasticity of naturally curly hair…keeping it strong and preventing annoying breakage caused by weak…chemical and/or heat damaged natural hair…The natural silica in the Cucumber Seed Oil also encourages new hair growth…and helps to reduce the chances of hair loss…

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For That Moon-Lit Skin – Cucumber Oil

When I say that even today nothing takes care of our skin better than nature…you will have to agree…

Cucumber Essential Oil being the best nature’s pet at doing so…

Be it applying…be it eating…Having cucumber on an everyday basis gives you radiant…glowing and flawless skinWater is the major constituent of cucumber…thus making it a very effective diuretic….Hence eating cucumbers leads to the flushing out of toxins and other harmful substances from your body…As a result…it makes your skin flawless and radiant from the inside…Since cucumbers mainly consist of water…they act as very good hydrating agents…After all…keeping your body hydrated is one of the most basic requirements for keeping your skin healthy…

Cucumber is ideal for a face mask because of its cleansing and cooling properties…Applying cucumber juice on your face can help reduce

  • Dark circles
  • Puffy eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Blemishes
  • Spots
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads

If you have sensitive skin then cucumber should be the key ingredient in all your face packs…Because sensitive skin tends to develop rashes and inflammation very fast…cucumber is very useful for this purpose since it reduces the inflammation and soothes the skin irritation…

Cucumber juice can be mixed with various things to form different face packs that can be effective for different purposes…A few of the commonly used things are…

  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Oatmeal
  • Curd
  • Milk
  • Turmeric
  • Almond oil

Cucumber has a very cooling effect….Putting cucumber slices on your eyes helps you relax and de-stress for some time…Cucumber is helpful in reducing dark circles…puffy eyes and blood shot eyes…If your eyes look tired and puffed up due to pollution and dust…or due to over strain…try putting cucumber slices on them for 5 to 10 minutes….Not only does this reduce the puffiness…but it also makes you feel calm and relaxed…Make a mixture of cucumber juice and potato juice in equal quantities and apply it onto your eyes…especially your dark circles…Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes..In this way…cucumber is very effective in reducing dark circles….

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